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CA- Summer Quest 2
For the summer events for :iconcrystalanimamates:, and OMG do I hate how her face turned out.  I'm not really good at the small details when the whole person is small.  On the other hand, designing a youma was fun, and it cracked me up when I finished it.
Still, I finished it, so yay.  And my poses are getting better.  I even managed to come up with an action one for the youma, though this is the third version of her.  The other ones were way out of proportion.
Summer Event 2
Youma Making Waves!
You're having fun at the beach when you hear screams! OH NOES! It looks like some random youma has emerged from the water and decided to crash the party! People are running away in terror and a poor kid is being dragged back into the ocean. Someone needs to stop the beast! Draw and write an encounter with a watery youma and save the beach goers and kid before someone gets hurt!
Mattes didn't say anything when the screaming started.  He merely looked at her and nodded once.  Then he was up and running, directing people towards the parking lot, away from the water.  Rajani spared only a single thought of gratitude for him, and then twisted her wedding ring so the stones pointed towards her palm.  "Crystal Storm in the Desert, Make Up!" she shouted.  Engulfed in a hot, dry wind, she closed her eyes and felt the magic take hold.  When the wind died, she opened them again and blinked twice, become Sailor Heliotrope Shikra once more.  Then she was off and running towards the source of the screams.
When she arrived, she was horrified to find a slippery water youma dragging a small boy, limp with shock and terror, backwards into the ocean waves.  "Let him go!" she bellowed, racing forward.  She grabbed a handful of the heated air rising off the sun-warmed sand and twisted it into a fireball, throwing it like a warning shot at the retreating youma.  
With a shriek, the creature released the boy and dodged away.  Heliotrope Shikra lunged forward and grabbed the child, dancing back out of the waves, knowing she was weakened by water.  She shook the boy, hard, trying to nudge him out of his shock.  She kept one eye on the recovering youma.  "Run, kiddo!" she hissed.
"I've got him.  Go!"  She turned, eyes wide, and blinked when Mattes snatched the boy from her arms and started to run.
She spun back around and barely managed to dodge the blast of water hurtling towards her.  Ducking and rolling, she came up on one foot and grabbed for another handful of radiant heat.  Turning it into a fireball, she stood and launched it at her enemy.  "Senshi..." it hissed at her angrily, pinkish-red eyes glaring hatefully.
Ignoring its hatred, Heliotrope Shikra stood tall, holding her arm above her head.  "Shining Intensity!" she yelled, voice strong.  Above her palm, light began to gather.  She narrowed her eyes against its glare, but the youma could do nothing.  The light was too bright.  It burst, showering the surrounding area with cinders, many of which congregated on the youma's head and arms.
Outraged, in pain, and half blind, the youma raised its hands with a roar, and behind it, a wave rose and crested over its head.  If it crashed, Heliotrope Shikra knew she'd probably drown.  She needed an all-out attack now, or she was going to lose.  Throwing her arms up, she called out her primary attack.  "Radiant Wings!" She crossed her arms over her chest.  Behind her, the glittering outline of a pair of beautiful wings appeared.  She flung her arms up and out, then swung them forward.  The shining wings swung forward with the motion, and from the ends of the feathers shot a rain of light bolts that crashed into the youma and its wave.  The water turned to steam and the youma screamed before collapsing backwards and disappearing.
Just like that, the day returned to normal.  Sailor Heliotrope Shikra reverted to her human identity with a thought.  She eyed the calm waves critically, but there was no sign of the youma any longer.  Even so, she knew this had to be reported.  The Trinity should be made aware.
Turning her wedding ring around so the stones pointed outwards again, she touched it.  "This is Heliotrope Shikra.  I just fought a water-based youma at the beach.  It was trying to drag a little boy into the waves, but it wasn't that strong when I fought it.  A single attack destroyed it."
She turned at the sound of her name and smiled.  Mattes raised an eyebrow at her as he approached.  "All good?"
"All good," she replied, stepping towards him and slipping her arm around his waist.  He kissed the top of her head and they walked back up the beach towards their towels.


Rajani Douglas/Sailor Heliotrope Shikra and Mattes Douglas (c) :iconpassingfancyrae:
CA- Summer Event- Beach Bunny
Done for :iconcrystalanimamates: Summer Event 1.  I am trying to work on my poses.  So thanks ever so to my beautiful cousin for letting me use one of her photos for a reference for this.  It took me like twenty tries, but I like how she turned out.  The colors didn't, really, but I still like it. 
Rajani slid her sunglasses up off her sweaty nose and squinted into the hazy bright area towards the parking lot and the snack bar.  Mattes had been gone for ten minutes- and it didn't take that long to walk back to the car for the beach umbrella they'd forgotten to pull out of the trunk when they'd come down to the water earlier.  Frowning slightly, she pushed herself up on her arms and got her knees under her.  Then her frown melted into a grin when she saw her sweet husband trudging through the sand, dodging people.  He was carrying their umbrella under one arm, and in his other hand, held a cardboard tray of soda cans and ice cream cups.
She reached up to take them from him and watched fondly as he opened the umbrella and looked around their little "campsite" for the best place to put it.  Finally, he decided to place it between their towels, and jammed the base deep into the sand.  "You got us snacks," she said as he settled down onto his own towel, looking at her with a pleased expression on his face.
"Mostly me," he admitted with a grin and a shrug.  "You brought trail mix that I pulled all the M&M's out of two days ago and frozen grapes, Jani.  And while I do love frozen grapes..."
She rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh at the hangdog expression he was giving her.  "So you're responsible for the missing M&M's.  Honestly, I seriously thought it was Nikki.  You and her have the same opinion about trail mix."  She shook her head with mock disappointment.  "Junk food junkies."
"It runs in my family," he teased.  "Now eat your ice cream before it melts.  They didn't have any coconut- no surprise there, since you're the only person I know who actually eats that stuff except my cousin.  But I did get you some black cherry chocolate chip."
She reached for one of the ice cream dishes and a plastic spoon.  She scooped up a spoonful of her second favorite flavor of ice cream and offered it to him.  He accepted gladly and grinned as he chewed a couple of chocolate chips until they melted with the ice cream.  "Thank you, Mattes."
He leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.  Sitting back on his towel, he smiled.  "What kind of man would I be if I didn't remember all of my lady's top five favorite flavors of ice cream?" he replied.
She burst out laughing.  "I love you, you big dork," she said, flicking a second spoonful of ice cream at him off the end of her spoon.  It hit him in the shoulder and his eyes went wide.  She grinned challengingly.
"Oh, now it's on," he said menacingly.  Dipping a spoonful of his own ice cream- java chip-, he took careful aim at her.
"Don't you dare," she hissed warningly.
He smiled a slow, wicked smile.  And then he lobbed the ice cream at her.  With a splat, it hit her perfectly in the center of her forehead, right between her eyes.  She blinked at him in consternation as it slowly melted and dripped down her face.  He, of course, thought it was hilarious, and was laughing so hard, he actually began to cry.  Shrieking a war cry, Rajani, grabbed a can of soda, shook it hard, and pointed it at him as she deftly popped the tab, spraying the cold soda all over him.  Some of it caught him in the mouth, which was open as he gasped with laughter.  She was laughing too, giggling like a manic five year-old.
Neither noticed, nor cared, that people were looking at them.  Some looked on the pair with disapproval.  Some with wistfullness, others with nostalgia.  A few teenagers rolled their eyes at the wierdoes.  Through it all, Rajani and Mattes continued their food fight until both were out of ammunition and covered in sticky-sweet soda and melted ice cream.
Gasping for breath, Rajani jumped to her feet.  She took off towards the waves, intending to immerse herself in them to rinse the worst of the mess off her skin before she attracted bugs.  She glanced back over her shoulder, still grinning, and stuck her tongue out at her husband.  Mattes laughed too, and blew her a kiss as she jumped into the chilly waves.


Rajani Douglas/Sailor Heliotrope Shikra and Mattes Douglas (c) :iconpassingfancyrae:
CA- Galaxia's Animamate
I know it's not my best work, but I had so much fun designing it that I thought I'd give her a name and submit her to :iconcrystalanimamates: anyway, for the fun (and the summer event).

So without further ado, I present to you Sailor Rose Gold Shikra, who does what she wants and doesn't give a sh**.

Galaxia recruited HelioShik for her ability to turn radiant heat into raging fireballs, preying on Rajani's own personal tendency to chafe under the often incomprehensible double burden of "procedure" and "protocol". Thus the bracelets corrupted her desire to cut through that red tape to help people into an almost manic desire to cut through that red tape for the hell of it, causing as much chaos as possible in her wake- purely for amusement's sake. This includes her personal life- fights with her husband have become more common- in which the sense of responsibility that made her such a good mentor Senshi and the intense loyalty that made her such a good friend and wife has turned into a "who cares" nonchalance that is nearly the opposite of everything she once was.
Similarly, her fashion sense was warped out of sweet and mostly modest femininity into a rather aggressive sexuality.
To be honest, her husband does not particularly care for this twisted version of his wife and has sought the aid of his cousin and her best friend, Sailor Andraste of the Sol Satellite Senshi, to return Rajani to normal. :lol: Good luck, right?

Sailor Rose Gold Shikra design by :iconpassingfancyrae:


United States
I love art. However, most of what I'm good at is words. And combining colors.

I'm a geek, particularly when it comes to fantasy. I love anime and manga (Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon being my all-time favorites), epic book series (raised on series like Chronicles of Narnia, Oz, and Shannara; obsessed with ElfQuest since I was 10), and shows that are cancelled way too soon (Firefly, Dark Angel, Birds of Prey; although, I do obsess over Once Upon a Time).
I'm a Potterhead (ThunderPuff!!), an OC mama, and a published novelist.
Hufflepuff House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

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